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From content to design to production to marketing and distribution, Blue Mountains businesses offer a full range of publishing-related skills, products and services.

Taken together, our members can provide you with a ‘one-stop’ publishing shop. You can also find project management to pull everyone together for you. Life can be good sometimes.

What sort of business do you need?

The sort of business you look for will depend on the sorts of skills you have in-house.

If, for example, you have marketers on staff, you will probably be looking for downstream businesses that can take marketing briefs and turn them into words, images and complete designs.

If, like most businesses, you don’t have an in-house marketer, you might benefit from engaging one to focus on the virtues of your business or product. They can then, in turn, draw on others with writing, design or distribution skills to convey the messages you develop.

Or you may have a specific job in mind: proof-reading, for example, or writing your annual report, or illustration for a book.

Browse the categories for definitions that may help you decide who to approach.

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